What is A Landing Page?

Have you ever wondered why lots of people may be visiting your website but only a handful of people make contact?

It’s not that they aren’t interested in buying from you. It could be that the layout of your website has too many distractions that either make it difficult for them to make a decision to buy, or they have to work too hard to make a purchase or contact you.

The very fact that that they are on your page in the first place shows that they have an interest in what you’re offering. What happens next depends on what they see when they get to your website.

Most businesses loose out by sending people to their main homepage instead of a dedicated landing page for their marketing campaigns. When you’re running a campaign, there has to be something in place that allows you to capture customer details so that you can follow up with them multiple times before they are ready to make a purchase.

Most business owners will hope that someone will leave their details or get in contact, but the reality is that the percentage of people who do this on a standard homepage is relatively low.  That’s why we recommend using a landing page in addition to your main website. What is a landing page?

A landing page is a webpage that is separate from your main website, which focuses on getting visitors to take a very specific action; for example – join your email list (lead generation) or to view a specific campaign. In digital marketing, landing pages are commonly referred to as squeeze pages or lead capture pages.

They are designed to have one end goal in mind only. For that reason landing pages are designed to have minimal distraction eg. navigation links or any other distracting content. By limiting the options available to the user, it forces the visitor to focus on the objective of the page and take action.


In exchange for handing over their email address, usually you’ll need to make some kind of free offer to your visitor such as a free piece of content like an ebook, a webinar, a discount coupon or a free trial .

Landing pages are essential for lead generation and when used correctly, you’ll see a dramatic increase in customers, especially when paired with an email autoresponder platform such as Aweber or Get Response which will automatically send out followup emails to your visitors after they leave their details.

Since only an average of 4% of visitors to your website will actually convert (take a desired action eg. make a purchase or opt in to your newsletter), using a landing page to collect customers details for follow up means that you can boost your conversion rate to around 30% to 40% even sometimes as much as 50%.

Landing pages are vital to the success of your online marketing campaigns so stop sending your pay per click advertising traffic or campaign traffic to your website and start using landing pages instead.

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