Top 5 Reasons Why Your Flyers Might End Up In The Bin

Have you ever handed out flyers and wondered why no one cares to read your flyer? Have you given out your flyers to passers-by only to find the flyers you spent time and money on thrown in the bin or even worse flung on the pavement? If the answer is yes, I sympathise with you. Anyone who’s taken the time to go flying for their event or business has experienced this, and it can be very disheartening. So you can understand why your flyers are not being read, I’ve put together a top 5 list of reasons why your flyers might end up in the bin. Let’s look at those reasons and come up with a way to make your flyer campaign more successful.


1) “It does’t relate to me…”

Think about your target audience. This seems basic but its something thats overlooked all the time. Take the time to think about who your customers are and where they are likely to be. For example, if you are targeting parents, what would be the best place to engage with them in public? Think places like schools, nurseries or even places like Kidspace. Once you know where to go, come up with a strategy to identify them and get the flyers into their hands. At least that way, you’re not just giving your flyers to just anyone and just hoping for a positive outcome.


2) “I’m too busy to read it while I’m out and about shopping…”

Timing and location is so important. Many people flyer at busy places like shopping centres just because they are ‘busy places’. This doesn’t mean that its a good place to flyer. Most people don’t want to be disturbed on their shopping outings so be mindful that if your flyer doesn’t instantly engage the person receiving it, your flyer will more than likely end up on the floor a couple of yards away from where you stand! That’s if they don’t ignore you completely. You need to be clever about where you flyer and just don’t go for the obvious places like shopping centres. Also, don’t assume just because someone takes your flyer that they’ll read it. However, get the timing and the place right and you’ll get a much better response.


3) “I don’t want to walk around with a piece of paper…”

People generally don’t want to walk around with more stuff. They simply don’t like to be inconvenienced. If you’re giving out flyers, be mindful about what the person is doing while you’re offering the flyer. For example, are they walking with shopping bags? Are they on the phone, are they occupied with something else? Also if you’re handing out anything that isn’t pocket sized or handbag friendly, you probably won’t have much luck getting your message into the hands of your customers. If you have to do a street campaign, try smaller flyers such as A6 or smaller, just so they are portable enough to keep.

4) “The flyer looks boring…”

When someone hands you a flyer in an ideal situation, what’s the first thing you look at? Pictures right? We are visual beings. Visual communication is so important, so whoever is responsible for designing your flyers has to get the visual content right. It has to be interesting, engaging and relevant to the person receiving it as well as having a clear message and call to action. Without all of these things, you probably won’t present a good enough first impression of your business, even if you’ve got a great product or service. Good engaging, clever design is essential.

5) “There’s nothing in it for me..”

Your flyer needs to scream the benefits out loud to the reader. If there doesn’t appear to be anything on offer at first glance, you’ll probably loose the reader. Be creative about about how sell your benefits. How about adding a promotional discount code, some free digital content or something along those lines. It makes a real difference when the benefits to the customer are obvious.

I hope you’ve found this blog post useful, and you now have an idea of how to improve your flyering campaigns, taking into account timing, location, convenience, relevancy and visual appeal. Are you experienced with flying campaigns? Let us know what techniques, locations or strategies have worked for you and also what hasn’t worked for you. If you’ve found this blog post useful, please click one of the share buttons or post a comment below. If you would like to find out more about flyer design services, please go to http://cakeboxcreative.co.uk/flyer-and-brochure-design/



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  • Adrian Ward says:

    Really enjoyed the post thank you – some great tips and inspiration! We’re currently spending a lot more time concentrating on more physical/traditional marketing forms and it’s posts like this that give us the confidence that it is going to work. One thing we were having a bit of trouble deciding was the distribution/devivery of our marketing materials such as leaflets. We’d heard some bad things in the past about dodgy companies, but ended up settling on an excellent one who have GPS tracking to make sure you’re not being conned!

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