7 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still Important

Business cards still matter in the digital age. As long as there are networking events, trade shows and face to face appointments, you’re going to need some business cards.

A business card is a ticket to opportunity. It saves you time, and helps you present a professional image. When you hand someone a business card, they might not need your product or service today, but it serves as a helpful tool for keeping you in their thoughts.  Here are 7 reasons why business cards are still important…

1) People are generally forgetful; It might not be the same day, week or even month, but when the time comes, it’s easier for someone to pull out your card and contact you as opposed to struggle to remember your name or where they first met you.

2) Business cards never run out of power. You don’t need to charge them and they work whether you have wifi access or not. Your business card will always be working for you.

Of course you can exchange details with your mobile phone, but there is no more powerful information sharing app than your own hands. You can keep engaged with the person you’re talking to without gazing down at your phone, by handing them a business card. It just keeps everything simple.

3) Business card designs don’t have to limited to the mundane, forgettable type. Standard, boring, business cards can do the job , but you can really make a statement by having something bespoke that really represents you and your brand; something to be proud of and something that will get you remembered. Take note: high end finishing makes your cards less disposable. People tend to hold on to the expensive looking or interesting business cards.

4) They’re a claimable expense. Printing of business cards and most other stationery in general can all be accounted for as expenses.

5) It points to your website which is the first point of contact with your business, besides you.

6) They can easily be passed on to other people. The person who you gave it to might not have any use for your services at right now, but chances are they know somebody who does.

7) Not having business cards is awkward. In fact very awkward. When someone asks you for your card at an event and you don’t have any, what will your excuse be? You ran out? You forgot them at home, or you just don’t have any… none of those excuses sound good. Don’t get caught out. Having a business card, shows you”re prepared and you take yourself seriously.

With so many different finishes out there, there is no reason why you cant stand out from the crowd with an ultra slick bespoke business card. You can have anything from the classic standard card to velvet soft touch with foil and everything in between.

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