5 Ways to Keep A Healthy Work Life Balance

Being an entrepreneur is tough. It can be a lonely road, and often involves a tonne of sacrifice. You’re probably already familiar with the early starts and late nights. It’s hard to switch off and your work life balance can often spiral out of control.

As you read this, you may be feeling overwhelmed and that your habits are already impacting your business and your personal life negatively. You’re not alone. It’s not uncommon for an entrepreneur to feel like an octopus; juggling emails, phone-calls, appointments, social media, admin, and not to mention your personal life.

Fear not; here are some really simple things you can do to make your entrepreneurial journey more pleasant and achieve a healthier work life balance.


1) Manage your time better

There are only 24 hours in day, but it’s not the hours that matter; it’s what you do with them.  You might need a bit of a mindset shift to start achieving more in less time.

Think of your time as some sort of currency. Of course with any currency, you’ll need to budget sensibly. If you spend all your money in the shopping mall and your bills aren’t paid you’ll be in deep sh*t. The same applies to how your spend your time.

You can’t make more time but you can definitely free up more of your time by making a few adjustments and being a little more organised. For example, you could spend less time watching TV, or on social media; using the extra time you’ve freed up to get some things done that you may have been putting off for some time.


2) Compartmentalize

This means that when you’re doing a task, you focus on that and ONLY that task. Exclusive focus whether it’s spending time with your kids or planning your next appointment keeps you on track and reduces feelings of overwhelm.

Don’t mix what you’re doing with anything else; that includes checking your email, your social media or being on the phone. When you eliminate distractions,  you’ll either get more done or you’ll enjoy your leisure time, or time with loved ones by living in the moment.


3) Switch Off

You probably struggle with this one as do most business owners, but you can do a little at a time to improve. I’m talking about switching off.

Things like mediation, or just taking 10 mins out of your day for some silence or to read a book can make you feel a lot better and quieten your mind. Try to schedule a day in the to have a technology free day which means no phones, email or social media; just living in the moment.


4) Schedule time for laughter and socialising.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely sometimes, so it’s important to come out of your bat-cave once in a while and make time for laughter and socialising with friends. Laughter reduces stress levels and enjoying some good company will definitely take your mind off things. All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy as they say…


5) Outsource and Automate

Delegation and automation are your friends. Outsource what somebody else can do for you and invest in tools that will do some of the work for you. There are lots of ways you can reduce your workload by doing this; especially when it comes to emails, answering the phone and managing social media campaigns.

When you delegate your tasks to someone else or automate, you make your life simpler. You can free up some of your time to do more enjoyable things. You shouldn’t be a slave to yourself; work smart as well as hard to avoid burnout. You can check out some of our resources here which can help you save time with some of your marketing tasks.

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